Reinforce the scientific principles of our profession - Counter and correct myths regarding exercise - Discuss methodology for training athletes - Discuss methodology for developing optimal health, wellness, and fitness programs - Grow the future of our profession and develop new professionals.

This one day clinic is a college level summary and review of the basic science related to adipose tissue reduction (fat loss), skeletal muscle tissue hypertrophy, and muscle tissue preservation during caloric restriction time periods.

Included is a review and examination of human anatomy and physiology, principles of exercise physiology, strength exercise program design rational, mechanism of fat loss biochemistry which includes nutrition and hormone interaction, and finally simple and advanced theories of adipose tissue reduction for the general population and the competition physique athlete (bodybuilding, physique, figure, bikini, etc…).

At the completion of this day you will understand the exercise science of strength training and nutrition metabolism. This will help you create, design, and construct targeted training programs and comprehend how nutrition participates in fat loss for the general population and the physique athlete.

This includes homeostasis/disease, the eleven human organ systems, chemistry, the cell and histology. This summary provides an understanding of basic human function for the discussions that follow.

Followed by a 10 minute break.

Eating, Digestion, and Absorption of food nutrients and nutrition for life… including basic dietary recommendations. The attendee should understand the basic concepts of nutrition.

Followed by a 10 minute break.

Begins with a brief history of exercise science and continues with an examination of exercise adaptations following 8-10 weeks of continuous training. The attendee should understand biological, physiological, morphological, and metabolic adaptations following successful adherence to an exercise training program. This includes a summary and introduction to stress adaptation response, specific aerobic response, and specific resistance training exercise response.

Followed by a 10 minute break.

 Here we will examine hormonal, neuromuscular, and skeletal muscle tissue adaptations specific to fat loss and strength development.

Followed by a 10 minute break.

Lunch will be provided.

We will circle the tables and talk about; Fads, Gimmicks, Pseudo Science, Social Media, Editorial Opinion, and Profiteers!

How has the First Amendment of the United States Constitution’s Right to Free Speech influence exercise and nutrition? Do you believe in false facts? Have you been misled? Let’s discuss this over lunch.

How is physiology altered, modified, or accelerated? Here is a presentation of the mechanisms, possible benefits, and health risks associated with the use of certain aids that are purported to increase energy, increase muscle mass and decrease fat mass.

Followed by a 10 minute break.

What are the best exercise training programs to bring about specific adaptations based on science? What are the goals? The answer to this question drives manipulation of program variables. What are the variables? Periodization of training cycles, exercise selection, volume, rest, intensity, and/or duration and others.

Followed by a 10 minute break.

Simple methods using advanced theories of diet manipulation for both adipose tissue reduction and muscular strength development are discussed. Some basic and simple guidelines for meal planning, meal cooking, and final meal presentation are detailed.

Certificate of completion are presented and final question and answer period.